So grateful to have been invited as a guest to Christian “Kike” Bertells Saturday live radio show on Saturday the 4th of September on Radio Vega, one of the Finnish Broadcasting Company´s nationwide radio channels. We talked about farming and vulnerability but mostly about my music and I got to choose some favorite tunes to be aired. So thankful to be able to air The Wailing Jenny´s “Arlington”, Gillian Welch´s “Rambling Blade” and Billy Strings “Taking Water” on Finnish nationwide radio! These wonderful artists have been a great influence on me and I love to be able to spread their sound! Additionally a live recording of Jake and Rambling Blade´s “Dig A Hole In The Meadow” was premiered and aired for the first time. This was also the first time an original of ours was aired! The program can be listened to for one whole year from now on on the Finnish Broadcasting Company´s website. (Link below) Unfortunately the show is only available inside Finland because of copyright issues.